How it started
We were visiting friends in Ibiza. We picked a few lemons from the tree over the paella. The overwhelming scent of the lemons has always stayed with us. We also had the same experience in Javea and Mallorca, the tiny area around the Balearic sea. (story continues under photo)

Because of the quality of the zest of the lemon, the idea of Limoncello was soon born. By reading a lot and experimenting endlessly, we have been able to form a picture of all the possibilities that influence the taste: type of lemons, freshness in processing, type of alcohol, method of peeling, percentage of alcohol, amount of sugar, quality of water, method of filtering, ripening time on alcohol, ripening time until filtering, etc. All those parameters were tested time and time again and the influence on the taste was until we had the perfect recipe. A Limoncello with the most intense and pure taste. A Limoncello that is less sweet and yet has no bitterness. Enjoy the greatest after a delicious meal or a summer afternoon!