August 7, 2020

'Limoncello di Mallorca' won a bronze medal at the world cup for drinks. It was not only the best Spanish limoncello but also beat all Italian entries. It was rewarded as the best Limoncello of South Europe; the home of Limoncello! The International Wine & Spirits Competition (IWSC) has been seen for years as the leading competition in the field of drinks. The bronze winners can hardly believe that their hobby led to this result.

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The IWSC has been the most prestigious international competition for over 50 years. That is why it is also called "the World Cup for alcoholic beverages". About 400 experts approve 8,000 wines and liqueurs 7 months a year and then award points in a blind taste test. The jury praised the Limoncello di Mallorca: "Think lemon posset on the nose and then add a pinch of cinammon spice and sweet vanilla, giving this limoncello a lovely intensity that carries through to the finish".

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Founder of Limoncello di Mallorca Suzan is no stranger in the food en berate business. At the age of 27 she started café Bolle in Tilburg, which in the following years grew into one of the largest and best-known establishments in the Netherlands. Suzan explains: “When we blindly let our friends taste different limoncellos, ours was invariably chosen as the tastiest. But of course we never imagined that we would immediately belong to the absolute world top. ” The secret behind the success, according to Suzan, lies in the way of peeling: “a lemon peel consists of several layers. The white of the peel is very bitter and you don't want it in your limoncello. You want to have the layer around the white completely. We have invented something that allows us to peel more precisely than others ”. About what exactly that invention is, Suzan says: “that remains our secret”.
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Suzan's partner Joost is also no stranger. He was an alderman in the city of Tilburg from 2008 to 2014. His passion for good food and drinks previously led him to become a "guest chef" at the prestigious Tilburg restaurant Auberge du Bonheur. “Making limoncello will remain a hobby for the evenings and weekends. I can easily keep looking for improvements until I am 80”, he says laughing. “I love to see other people enjoying when we drink our limoncello together. Each lemon is hand washed and each lemon peeled separately ”.
Family and friends were asked to design the bottle, take pictures and build the website. 

When asked whether limoncello is the new fashion drink, Joost answers: “It looks a bit like that. We were by the sea for a few days last week. In beach bars you see that "gin and tonics" are increasingly giving way to "limoncello-tonic" and "limoncello-spritz". Especially in the summer I can imagine that people opt for the freshness of lemon. ”
Suzan can be brief about where the Limoncello is for sale: “At the moment only through our website. We produce so few bottles that our limoncello will never end up in many stores. Every lemon and every bottle will go through our own hands and are made with equal love. We want to keep it traditional and small-scale. And of course it must be for sale on Mallorca ”.